Platform API 0.6 -> 0.7

This guide is most relevant to platform operators.

See the spec release for Platform API 0.7 for the full list of changes and further details.

Platform Operator

Run the analyzer before the detector

The order of the lifecycle phases has been changed starting from Platform API 0.7.
The order before Platform API 0.7 was: detect, analyze, restore, build, and export.
The order starting from Platform API 0.7 is: analyze, detect, restore, build, and export.
The main reason for this change was to validate registry access for all images that are used during the build as early as possible. Starting from Platform API 0.7, it happens in the first lifecycle phase, as part of the analyzer, before running the detector. In this way it provides faster failures for end users.

As part of this change, a few flags were removed and others were added to some of the lifecycle phases.

The flags that were removed from the analyzer are:

  • -cache-dir
  • -group
  • -skip-layers

The flags that were added to the analyzer are:

  • -previous-image
  • -run-image
  • -stack
  • -tag

The flags that were added to the restorer are:

  • -analyzed
  • -skip-layers

The flag that was removed from the exporter is:

  • -run-image