What is a buildpack?

A buildpack is software that transforms application source code into runnable artifacts by analyzing the code and determining the best way to build it.

What is a builder?

A builder is an OCI image containing an ordered combination of buildpacks and a build-time base image, a lifecycle binary, and a reference to a runtime base image.

What happens during build?

Build is the process of executing one or more buildpacks against an application’s source code to produce a runnable OCI image.

What happens during rebase?

Rebase allows app developers or operators to rapidly update an app image when its runtime base image has changed.

What is a platform?

A platform orchestrates builds by invoking the lifecycle binary together with buildpacks and application source code to produce a runnable OCI image.

What are base images?

What is build reproducibility?

Given the same inputs, two builds should produce the same outputs.