Inspect your application image

Buildpacks-built images contain metadata that allow you to audit both the image itself and the build process.

Information includes:

  • The process types that are available and the commands associated with them
  • The run-image the app image was based on
  • The buildpacks were used to create the app image
  • Whether the run-image can be rebased with a new version through the Rebasable label or not
  • And more…!
pack inspect-image test-node-js-app

You should see the following:

Run Images:

  ID                   VERSION        HOMEPAGE
  examples/node-js        0.0.1          -

  TYPE                 SHELL        COMMAND                           ARGS        WORK DIR
  web (default)        bash         node-js app.js                                   /workspace

Apart from the above standard metadata, buildpacks can also populate information about the dependencies they have provided in form of a Software Bill-of-Materials or SBOM.