pack builder inspect

pack builder inspect

Show information about a builder


Show information about the builder provided. If no argument is provided, it will inspect the default builder, if one has been set.

pack builder inspect <builder-image-name> [flags]


pack builder inspect cnbs/sample-builder:bionic


  -d, --depth int       Max depth to display for Detection Order.
                        Omission of this flag or values < 0 will display the entire tree. (default -1)
  -h, --help            Help for 'inspect'
  -o, --output string   Output format to display builder detail (json, yaml, toml, human-readable).
                        Omission of this flag will display as human-readable. (default "human-readable")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --force-color   Force color output
      --no-color      Disable color output
  -q, --quiet         Show less output
      --timestamps    Enable timestamps in output
  -v, --verbose       Show more output