The analyzer restores files that buildpacks may use to optimize the build and export phases.

Prior to Platform API 0.7, the analyzer was responsible for analyzing the metadata from the cache and the previously built image (if available) to determine what layers can or cannot be reused. This information is used during the export phase in order to avoid re-uploading unchanged layers.
Starting from Platform API 0.7, the analyze phase runs before the detect phase in order to validate registry access for all images that are used during the build as early as possible. In this way it provides faster failures for end users. The other responsibilities of the analyzer were moved to the restorer.
For more information, please see this migration guide.

Exit Codes

Exit Code Result
0 Success
11 Platform API incompatibility error
12 Buildpack API incompatibility error
1-10, 13-19 Generic lifecycle errors
30-39 Analysis-specific lifecycle errors