Project “Piper”

Project “Piper” is a set of ready-made continuous delivery pipelines for direct use in your project. It now also implements the CNB Platform spec as a step and makes it available in your Jenkins pipeline.

Project “Piper” is maintained by SAP.


The step called cnbBuild allows you to integrate Cloud Native Buildpacks (CNB) into your Jenkins pipeline.

@Library(["piper-os"]) _

node() {
    stage("Init") {
        git branch: "main", url: ""
        setupCommonPipelineEnvironment(script: this)

    stage("Build") {
            script: this,
            dockerConfigJsonCredentialsId: 'DOCKER_REGISTRY_CREDS',
            containerImageName: 'image-name',
            containerImageTag: 'v0.0.1',
            containerRegistryUrl: ''