Platform API 0.4 -> 0.5

This guide is most relevant to platform operators and stack authors.

See the spec release for Platform API 0.5 for the full list of changes and further details.

Platform Operator

PATH must be set on stack images

config.Env.PATH must be set for stack (build and run) images. Any Linux or Windows stack image missing a config.Env.PATH should cause the platform to fail with an error message.

Homepage in build metadata

The exporter now adds buildpack homepage to the label on the application image. Platforms may inspect this label to display buildpack information to the user.

Build-time BOM

The exporter now writes a build-time Bill-of-Materials (BOM) to report.toml. When building, platforms can optionally specify the location of the report, or save it off somewhere.

Default paths for TOML files

All default file paths that were previously relative to the working directory are relative to the layers directory: analyzed.toml, group.toml, plan.toml, project-metadata.toml, and report.toml. When building, if the layers directory is set to something other than the default /layers, these files will be written to the specified layers directory and not /layers.

Stack Author

PATH must be set on stack images

config.Env.PATH must be set for stack (build and run) images. This is the current de-facto Linux behavior. When creating stack images, Windows stack authors must take action to set this variable in the image config - e.g., if using a Dockerfile: ENV PATH C:\\Windows\\System32 or ENV PATH C:\\Windows\\System32;C:\\stack-specific-dir.

Stack image metadata

When creating stack images, the following labels may be added to additionally describe the image:

  • io.buildpacks.stack.maintainer
  • io.buildpacks.stack.homepage
  • io.buildpacks.stack.distro.version
  • io.buildpacks.stack.released
  • io.buildpacks.stack.description
  • io.buildpacks.stack.metadata