A stack (deprecated) is the grouping together of the build and run base images, represented by a unique ID.

As of Platform API 0.12 and Buildpack API 0.10, stacks are deprecated in favor of existing constructs in the container image ecosystem such as operating system name, operating system distribution, and architecture.

For more information, see

For older API versions, see below on using stacks.

Using stacks

If you’re using the pack CLI, running pack stack suggest will display a list of recommended stacks that can be used when running pack builder create, along with each stack’s associated build and run images.

Stacks are used by builders and are configured through a builder’s configuration file:

  # ...

  # ...

  id = "com.example.stack"
  build-image = "example/build"
  run-image = "example/run"
  run-image-mirrors = ["", ""]

By providing the required [stack] section, a builder author can configure a stack’s ID, build image, and run image (including any mirrors).


To learn how to create your own stack, see our Operator’s Guide.