The exporter creates the final OCI image.

Exit Codes

Exit Code Result
0 Success
11 Platform API incompatibility error
12 Buildpack API incompatibility error
1-10, 13-19 Generic lifecycle errors
60-69 Export-specific lifecycle errors


The exporter accepts as an argument the tag reference to which the app image will be written, either in an OCI image registry or a docker daemon.


The exporter will write a report.toml containing information about the exported image such as its digest and manifest size (if exported to an OCI registry) or identifier, and any build BOM contributed by buildpacks. The location of the output report can be specified by passing the -report flag; by default, it is written to <layers>/report.toml - note that this is NOT present in the filesystem of the exported image.

For more information about the exporter, see the Platform API spec.