pack manifest push

pack manifest push

Push a manifest list to a registry.


manifest push’ pushes a manifest list to a registry. Use other ‘pack manifest’ commands to prepare the manifest list locally, then use the push command.

pack manifest push [OPTIONS] <manifest-list> [flags]


pack manifest push my-image-index


  -f, --format string   Media type to use when saving the image index. Accepted values are: oci, docker (default "oci")
  -h, --help            Help for 'push'
      --insecure        When pushing the index to a registry, do not use TLS encryption or certificate verification
      --purge           Delete the manifest list from local storage if pushing succeeds

Options inherited from parent commands

      --force-color   Force color output
      --no-color      Disable color output
  -q, --quiet         Show less output
      --timestamps    Enable timestamps in output
  -v, --verbose       Show more output