Download a Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM)


A Software-Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) lists all the software components included in an image. Cloud Native Buildpacks provides all the transparency you need to have confidence in your image supply chain. Software-Bill-of-Materials in CycloneDX, Syft and Spdx formats are supported.

  1. Buildpacks can populate SBOM information about the dependencies they have provided.

Viewing Bill of Materials

You can use the sbom download command to inspect your app for its Software-Bill-of-Materials. The following command will download the application layer containing the SBOM files to ./layers/sbom/... on your local filesystem.

pack sbom download your-image-name

You can also choose to download the SBOM from an image hosted in a remote registry, as opposed to an image hosted in a Docker daemon. You use the --remote flag to do so.

pack sbom download your-image-name --remote

The following example demonstrates running pack sbom download ... on an image containing an SBOM in syft format. Running pack sbom download ... creates a layers/sbom directory and populates that directory with sbom.syft.json files. The combined metadata from all of the sbom.syft.json files is the image SBOM. Where an image generates CycloneDX SBOM metadata, the files are named sbom.cdx.json. Similarly, Spdx files are named sbom.spdx.json.

  └── sbom
      └── launch
          └── paketo-buildpacks_ca-certificates
              ├── helper
              │   └── sbom.syft.json
              └── sbom.syft.json