Updating app images using rebase

The pack rebase command allows app developers to rapidly update an app image when its stack’s run image has changed. By using image layer rebasing, this command avoids the need to fully rebuild the app.

$ pack rebase <image-name>

Example: Rebasing an app image

Consider an app image my-app:my-tag that was originally built using the default builder. That builder’s stack has a run image called pack/run. Running the following will update the base of my-app:my-tag with the latest version of pack/run.

$ pack rebase my-app:my-tag

Like build, rebase has a --publish flag that can be used to publish the updated app image to a registry.

Rebasing explained

rebase diagram

At its core, image rebasing is a simple process. By inspecting an app image, rebase can determine whether or not a newer version of the app’s base image exists (either locally or in a registry). If so, rebase updates the app image’s layer metadata to reference the newer base image version.

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