Project “Piper”

Project “Piper” (maintained by SAP) is a set of ready-made Continuous Delivery pipelines for direct use in your project. It now also implements the CNB Platform spec as a step and makes it available in your Jenkins pipeline.


The step called cnbBuild allows you to integrate Cloud Native Buildpacks (CNB) into your Jenkins pipeline.

@Library(["piper-os"]) _

node() {
    stage("Init") {
        git branch: "main", url: ""
        setupCommonPipelineEnvironment(script: this)

    stage("Build") {
            script: this,
            dockerConfigJsonCredentialsId: 'DOCKER_REGISTRY_CREDS',
            containerImageName: 'image-name',
            containerImageTag: 'v0.0.1',
            containerRegistryUrl: ''