pack rebase

pack rebase

Rebase app image with latest run image


Rebase allows you to quickly swap out the underlying OS layers (run image) of an app image generated by pack build with a newer version of the run image, without re-building the application.

pack rebase <image-name> [flags]


pack rebase buildpacksio/pack


  -h, --help                 Help for 'rebase'
      --publish              Publish to registry
      --pull-policy string   Pull policy to use. Accepted values are always, never, and if-not-present. The default is always
      --run-image string     Run image to use for rebasing

Options inherited from parent commands

      --no-color     Disable color output
  -q, --quiet        Show less output
      --timestamps   Enable timestamps in output
  -v, --verbose      Show more output


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